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AS50151C - Connectors, Electrical, Circular Threaded, AN Type, General Specification For

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Document Number: AS50151C
Project Initiation: 06-04-2014
Project Number:
Revision Number: C
Sponsor Name: Michael Peppas
Connectors, Electrical, Circular Threaded, AN Type, General Specification For
<p>This specification covers circular threaded electrical connectors with solder or removable crimp contacts (both front and rear release). These connectors are for use in electronic, electrical power, and control circuits (see 6.1).</p>
<p>Revision is required to correct the paragraph reference from 4.7.13 to 4.6.13 and add the established standard procedures for corrosion sample evaluation.</p> <p>Revision is required to remove classes DT, DZ, WT, and WZ from 1000 hour corrosion requirement and add new subparagraph to dynamic corrosion requirement to correct the DT, DZ, WT, and WZ established corrosion resistance of 500 hours as listed in AIR5919 and to clarify stainless steel class designations for testing. Table 25 has also been updated to reflect corrosion requirements for each individual connector class.</p> <p>Revision is required to clarify the process for silver plating and clarify the durability requirement for AS34591 connectors. </p> <p>Revision is required to add a new class X to accommodate a cadmium plating with 1000 hour corrosion resistance capability and to change the current class W plating corrosion resistance rating to 500 hours.</p> <p>Revision is required to add the number of teeth for each shell size in Table 1 for the 360 degree option noted in Figure 1 and to update the Figure 1 note for the 360 degree option to reference Table 1.</p>
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