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AS5127/2B - Test Method for Aerospace Firewall Sealant Flame Penetration

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Document Number: AS5127/2B
Project Initiation: 05-16-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number: B
Sponsor Name: Kent DeFranco
Test Method for Aerospace Firewall Sealant Flame Penetration
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) describes the procedures for the flammability testing of aircraft firewall sealants in accordance with the requirements of FAR Part 25 Sections 25.865, 25.867, 25.1191, and 25.1193. This test method is intended to determine the capability of sealant materials to control the passage of and effects from fire.
This revision changes the sealing assembly drawing (Figures 1 and 2) back to the original testing configuration in Revision 0 and clarifies the the fabrication procedures in 4.3.1 and 4.3.2. Also, temperature tolerances were corrected and all figures were redrawn with inches (metric) measurements.
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