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AS5749 - Validation Methods for AS5725 Miniature Store Carriage Interfaces

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Document Number: AS5749
Project Initiation: 12-20-2007
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Alan White
Validation Methods for AS5725 Miniature Store Carriage Interfaces
This document establishes techniques for validating that a Miniature Store Carriage Interface (MSCI) complies with the interface requirements delineated in AS5725. The purpose of this document is to provide methods for validating that an electrical interface of a platform / carriage system for a miniature store complies with the miniature store carriage interface (MSCI) requirements of AS5725. This document provides a modular, independent set of methods for each of the requirements in AS5725 that applies to miniature carriage systems and platforms.
AS5725 is a new interface standard and no document currently exists that provides guidance for carriage system validation. A validation standard an essential part of ensuring that AS5725 provides a measurable set of parameters that ensure interoperability within the scope of influence of the interface standard.
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