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AS6086 - Validation Methods for AS5726 Micro Munition Interfaces

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Document Number: AS6086
Project Initiation: 11-17-2009
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Robert M. Boman
Validation Methods for AS5726 Micro Munition Interfaces
This document establishes techniques for validating that an Interface for Micro Munition (IMM) complies with the requirements delineated in AS5726. The purpose of this document is to provide methods for validating that a Micro Munition's electrical interface complies with the Micro Muntion interface requirements of AS5726. This document provides a modular, independent set of methods for each of the requirements in AS5726 that applies to Micro Munitions.
AS576 is a new interface standard and no document currently exists that provides guidance for Micro Munition validation. A validation standard an essential part of ensuring that AS5726 provides a measurable set of parameters that ensure interoperability within the scope of influence of the interface standard.
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