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AS6091 - JAUS Unmanned Ground Vehicle Service Set

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Document Number: AS6091
Project Initiation: 12-08-2009
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: David Martin
JAUS Unmanned Ground Vehicle Service Set
This document defines a set of standard application layer interfaces called JAUS Unmanned Ground Vehicle Services. JAUS Services provide the means for software entities in an unmanned system or system of unmanned systems to communicate and coordinate their activities. The Unmanned Ground Vehicle Services represent the platform-specific capabilities commonly found in UGVs, and augment the Mobilty Service Set [AS6009] which is platform-agnostic. At present ten (10) services are defined in this document.
This document, the JAUS Unmanned Ground Vehicle Service Set (AS6091), defines a message-passing interface for services commonly found in unmanned ground vehicle systems. These services represent the platform-independent capabilities common across multiple ground vehicle types. Inherited capabilities are specified in the JAUS Core Service Set (AS5710) and are frequently referenced herein.
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