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AS6171/1 - Suspect/Counterfeit Test Evaluation Method

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Document Number: AS6171/1
Project Initiation: 06-19-2014
Project Number: AS6171/TEST
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Steve W. Walters
Suspect/Counterfeit Test Evaluation Method
This document describes an evaluation method which measures the effectiveness of a specified test plan used to screen for counterfeit parts. The method includes the determination of the types of defects detected using a specified test plan along with the related counterfeit type coverage. The output of this evaluation will produce the counterfeit defect coverage (CDC), the not-covered defects (NCD), the under-covered defects (UCD), and the counterfeit type coverage (CTC). This information will be supplied to the test laboratory’s customer in both the test report and the Certificate of Quality Conformance. This evaluation method does not address the effectiveness of detecting tampered type devices.
This document is intended to provide guidance and requirements for the test laboratory in the evaluation of counterfeit parts detection testing performed by the test laboratory. This evaluation includes the determination of the Counterfeit Defect Coverage (CDC), the Under-Covered Defects (UCD), the Not-Covered Defects (NCD), and the Counterfeit Type Coverage (CTC).
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