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AS6271 - Halocarbon Clean Agent Hand-Held Fire Extinguisher

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Document Number: AS6271
Project Initiation: 09-12-2011
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: G. A. McLean
Halocarbon Clean Agent Hand-Held Fire Extinguisher
This AS establishes minimum requirements for halocarbon clean agent hand-held fire extinguishers carried on board civil aircraft. The requirements include: design (cylinder, valve, gauge, mounting equipment), performance (firefighting effectiveness - hidden fire test, discharge test, type, etc.), environmental (ozone depleting/global warming potential, atmospheric life span), and occupant safety concerns (toxicology - seat fire test).
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) is created in response to a request by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to craft the technical basis for a European Technical Standard Order (ETSO) that addresses International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly Resolution A36-12, regarding the replacement of halon in civil aircraft fire extinguishers. It is intended to identify pertinent hand-held fire extinguisher requirements selected from the broad range of fire extinguisher standards existing across the international community. The goal is to synthesize a single set of requirements specifically applicable to aircraft fire extinguishers.
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