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AS6278 - Fire Resistant Container - Design, Performance and Testing Requirements

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Document Number: AS6278
Project Initiation: 09-26-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Keith M. Stehman
Fire Resistant Container - Design, Performance and Testing Requirements
This Standard specifies the minimum design and performance criteria and testing methods of passive fire resistant containers ( FRCs ) for carriage on aircraft main deck, to be used: (a) either in those cargo compartments of civil transport aircraft where they constitute one means of complying with applicable airworthiness regulations, (b) or on a voluntary basis, when deemed appropriate by operators to improve fire protection in aircraft cargo compartments where airworthiness regulations do not currently mandate their use.
This standard is being developed to satisfy, in part, NTSB Safety Recommendation A-12-69 which addresses improved air cargo container materials flammability properties and the industry desire to create an air cargo container that can contain a fire for a period of time. The fire protection afforded by this container will provide an increase in flight crew safety compared to existing cargo container designs.
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