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AS6285 - Methods for Deicing/Anti-icing Aircraft on the Ground

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Document Number: AS6285
Project Initiation: 10-31-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Brock R. Crocker
Methods for Deicing/Anti-icing Aircraft on the Ground
The purpose of this document is to provide industry recommennded proceduresguidelines for the methods and procedures used in performing the operations and services necessary for proper deicing and anti-icing of aircraft on the ground.
Exposure to weather conditions, on the ground, that are conducive to ice formation, can cause accumulation of frost, snow, slush, or ice on aircraft surfaces and components that can adversely affect aircraft performance, stability, and control and operation of mechanical devices such as control surfaces, sensors, flaps, and landing gear. If frozen deposits are present, other than those considered in the certification process, the airworthiness of the aircraft may be invalid and no attempt should be made to fly the aircraft until it has been restored to the clean configuration.
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