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AS6294 - PEM Qualification and SCreeing

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Document Number: AS6294
Project Initiation: 02-09-2014
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Sultan Ali Lilani
PEM Qualification and SCreeing
1. Review existing standards for PEM qualification & screening  NASA: PEM-INST-001, MSFC-STD-3012  QML Class N, Class Y (non-hermetic microcircuits)  QML Class F, Class L (non-hermetic hybrids)  etc. 2. Provide recommendations for unification  Address concerns for Space & terrestrial applications  Address possible holes in current documents  Make recommendations to improve QML Class N and Class Y 3. Be resource to industry when questions come up that are not being addressed by current PEM flows
Multiple technical publications, customer specs and Mil Std refer to plastic package quals but there is no consolidated requirements document. Purpose of this task force would be to review existing publications standards and customer specific requirements and see if some unification is warranted
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