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AS6479/2 - Splicer, Fusion, Fiber Optic, Aerospace Non-Explosion-Proof (Type II)

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Document Number: AS6479/2
Project Initiation: 07-17-2013
Project Number: AS6479/2
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Laurence N. Wesson
Splicer, Fusion, Fiber Optic, Aerospace Non-Explosion-Proof (Type II)
<p>This detail specification defines fiber optic fusion splicers acceptable for the installation and repair of a wide range of optical fibers and cables with virtually no insertion loss, particularly in aerospace applications, but not in flammable or explosive atmospheres (Type II). The requirements for acquiring the splicer described herein shall consist of this specification and the latest issue of AS6479.</p>
<p>Type II fusion splicers are designed for difficult and hazardous environments characteristic of aerospace, but specifically excluding potentially flammable or explosive atmospheres.</p>
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