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AS6500 - Manufacturing Management Program

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Document Number: AS6500
Project Initiation: 11-01-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: David M. Karr
Manufacturing Management Program
<p>This standard is applicable to all phases of the system acquisition life cycle. It is intended for use on all programs with manufacturing content. It requires proven manufacturing management practices with the goal of delivering affordable and capable systems to the extent that it is invoked contractually. The term “organization” as used in this document refers to the company or facility that is implementing this standard, such as when imposed contractually by the customer.</p> <p>NOTE: The term “shall” is used wherever the criterion for conformance with the specific recommendation requires that there be no deviation. The term “should” is used wherever noncompliance with the specific recommendation is permissible.</p>
This standard was created to implement manufacturing management practices aimed at promoting the timely development, production, modification, fielding, and sustainment of affordable products by addressing manufacturing issues throughout the program life cycle.
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