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AS8055A - Minimum Performance Standard for Airborne Head Up Display (HUD)

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Document Number: AS8055A
Project Initiation: 08-27-2010
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Larry Lamberth
Minimum Performance Standard for Airborne Head Up Display (HUD)
<p>This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) specifies minimum performance standards for airborne binocular Head-Up Displays (HUDs) in fixed wing (14 CFR part 23, 25) aircraft; while this document is also applicable to rotorcraft (14 CFR part 27, 29) additional performance standards may be required for rotorcraft. This aerospace standard covers basic display standards, but does not include specific application requirements. Specific applications can include flight instrumentation, navigation, engine and system status, alerting, surveillance, communication, terrain awareness, weather, enhanced vision, synthetic vision and other displays.</p> <p>This document covers criteria for conformal and non-conformal HUD systems that are intended for use in the flight deck by the pilot or copilot. Display minimum performance characteristics are specified for standard and other environmental conditions for the purpose of product qualification.</p> <p>This document does not address sensor imaging systems, displays worn by the pilot (goggles, helmet mounted displays) or specific symbology to be displayed.</p> <p>This document is intended to be used in combination with other guidance material contained in current system specific, Technical Standard Orders (TSOs), Advisory Circulars (ACs), and other Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved guidance material. This SAE Aerospace Standard can be applicable to HUDs used across multiple aircraft types.</p>
<p>This SAE Aerospace Standard provides the Minimum Performance Standard for Airborne Head-Up Display (HUD) for use by the aerospace industry and may also be used by the FAA and other regulatory agencies in a technical standard order. The original version focused on CRT-HUD technology and Revision A updates the CRT requirements and extends the requirements to cover digital HUDs. This document was developed by the SAE A-4 HUD subcommittee and supersedes AS8055.</p>
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