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AS81550A - Insulating Compound, Electrical, Embedding, Reversion Resistant Silicone

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Document Number: AS81550A
Project Initiation: 09-19-2011
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Diane Kleinschmidt
Insulating Compound, Electrical, Embedding, Reversion Resistant Silicone
This specification covers the requirements for two types of a two-part, transparent, reversion resistant flexible insulating compound, to provide resilient, environmental, and electrical insulation of components in systems in temperature range 85 to 392 °F (-65 to 200 °C). These insulating compounds are intended for embedding, potting or encapsulation of electrical and electronic components in systems where tear resistance is not critical but their use is not limited to such applications. These transparent compounds allow visual circuit and part identification and facilitates part replacement and repairs. The insulating compound shall cure in sections of unlimited thickness, either exposed to air or completely sealed.
Specification is being updated to SAE format and standardized references. Standard measurement system changed to primary (metric secondary). Removed packaging specifics. Minor technical changes are being proposed (primarily temperature adjustments for consistency within the spec) along with update of referenced equipment. Added language regarding use of Date of Shipment vs. Date of Packaging for calculation of shelf life.
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