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GEIASTD0003A - Long Term Storage of Electronic Devices

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Document Number: GEIASTD0003A
Project Initiation: 02-05-2014
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Anduin Touw
Long Term Storage of Electronic Devices
This document is generated to provide an industry standard for Long Term Storage (LTS) of electronic devices by drawing from the best long term storage practices currently known. For the purposes of this document, LTS is defined as any device storage for more than 12 months but typically much longer. While intended to address the storage of unpackaged semiconductors and packaged electronic devices, nothing in this standard precludes the storage of other items under the storage levels defined herein.<p>Packaged Electronic Devices. Electronic Devices are defined as any packaged electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical (EEE) item, or assemblies using such items. This standard is intended to ensure that adequate reliability is achieved for devices in user applications after long term storage. Users are encouraged to request data from suppliers to this specification that demonstrates a successful storage life requested by the user. This standard is not intended to address built-in failure mechanisms that would take place regardless of storage conditions.<p>Unpackaged semiconductors. Unpackaged semiconductors are semiconductor wafer or dice.<p>User. The user of this long term storage standard may be any organization or entity who would store electronic devices or unpackaged semiconductors.
This document is due for its 5 year review. In addition to reviewing the storage conditions already included in this standard, we also want to look at adding a section to address "freshness testing," test to make sure the part is still fully functional and reliable after the storage.
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