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J1668 - Diesel Engines - Fuel Injection Pump Testing

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Document Number: J1668
Project Initiation: 03-13-2009
Sponsor Name: Paul Templin Henderson
Diesel Engines - Fuel Injection Pump Testing
The correct setting and adjustment of fuel injection pumps requires standardized testing conditions. This SAE Standard summarizes the design and operating parameters for test benches so that, using certain information supplied by the pump manufacturer, the pump test schedule, and certain information supplied by the test bench manufacturer, it can be determined whether a particular test bench is suitable for driving a particular injection pump. This document is in most cases a summary of the ISO Standard 4008, Parts 1, 2, and 3 and is intended to provide its critical aspects. Standard ISO 4008 should be referred to for more details. Field of Application: This document is primarily applicable to test benches suitable for the calibration of fuel injection pumps for diesel engines requiring a fuel delivery of up to 300 mm3/st/cylinder at full load.
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