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J2084 - Aerodynamic Testing of Road Vehicles--Testing Methods and Procedures

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Document Number: J2084
Project Initiation: 09-23-2011
Sponsor Name: Joel Walter
Aerodynamic Testing of Road Vehicles--Testing Methods and Procedures
The scope of this SAE Information Report is confined to wind-tunnel testing, although it is recognized that many aspects of the aerodynamic characteristics of road vehicles can be investigated in other test facilities (such as water-tanks) or, especially, on the road. For example, coastdown testing is often used to determine aerodynamic drag (either in isolation or as part of the total resistance), and artificial gust generators are used to investigate the sensitivity of vehicles to cross-wind gusts. Also excluded from the present Report are climatic wind-tunnel tests of road vehicles, which are defined in more detail in Section 3. The Report covers the aerodynamic requirements of a wind-tunnel for automotive testing, together with the facility equipment needed and the requirements affecting the test vehicle or model. The test methods and procedures described here include those for six-component force measurements and measurements of pressures and velocities both on the vehicle/model surface and the surrounding flow-field. As already indicated, this document has been prepared in conjunction with a number of other SAE Information Reports and Recommended Practices (1-5), each of which provides greater detail than is given here on its particular aspect of automotive aerodynamic testing.
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