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J2413 - Protocol to Verify Performance of New Xenon Arc Test Apparatus

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Document Number: J2413
Project Initiation: 09-14-2012
Sponsor Name: Daniel Fritz
Protocol to Verify Performance of New Xenon Arc Test Apparatus
1.1 This Recommended Practice is for use by contractual parties to verify new xenon arc test apparatus ability to perform SAE J1885, J1960, J2412, J2527, or other as specified. 1.2 This Protocol defines the process for analysis of performance capabilities of candidate xenon arc test apparatus for comparison to current xenon arc test apparatus being utilized by the industry. This will require documentation of the candidate apparatus to: a. Produce the exposure environments as specified in the test method. b. Produce the required degradation in the standard reference material(s) in the specified time frame. c. Produce satisfactory repeatable and reproducible exposure results. d. Produce satisfactory uniform results throughout the specimen exposure region of the test chamber. e. Produce similar degradation in the benchmark test specimens, as agreed upon by contractual parties. Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) performance data and any specified benchmark materials are used as a basis for comparison of various test apparatus. The type of failure and mode of failure should be the same for the comparison.
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