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J243 - Methods of Tests for Automotive-Type Sealers, Adhesives, and Deadeners

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Document Number: J243
Project Initiation: 12-13-2011
Sponsor Name: David Hathaway
Methods of Tests for Automotive-Type Sealers, Adhesives, and Deadeners
This SAE Recommended Practice contains a series of test methods for use in measuring characteristics of automotive- type sealers, adhesives, and deadeners. The test methods which are contained in this document are as follows: ADS-1—Methods of Determining Viscosity ADS-2—Low Temperature Tests ADS-3—Weld-Through Tests ADS-4—Enamel, Lacquer, and Fabric Staining Test ADS-5—Wash-Off Resistance Test ADS-7—Solids Test ADS-8—Flash Point Test ADS-9—Sag and Bridging Tests ADS-10—Flow Test The intent of this document is to provide a series of test methods which can be used in testing the various qualities of sealers, adhesives, and deadener material. In later revisions of this document, attempts will be made to reduce the number of tests now presented. The specific temperatures and times at which some of these tests are to be conducted are not dictated in these test procedures, but they will be found in the material standards which govern each type of material to be tested.
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