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J2602/3 - File Structures for a Node Capability File (NCF)

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Document Number: J2602/3
Project Initiation: 10-05-2010
Sponsor Name: Mark P. Zachos
File Structures for a Node Capability File (NCF)
This document covers the requirements for SAE implementations based on LIN 2.0. Requirements stated in this document will provide a minimum standard level of performance to which all compatible systems, design and development tools, software, ECUs and media shall be designed. This will assure consistent and unambiguous serial data communication among all connected devices regardless of supplier. This document may be referenced by any vehicle OEM component technical specification that describes any given ECU in which the single wire data link controller and physical layer interface is located. The intended audience includes, but is not limited to, ECU suppliers, LIN controller suppliers, LIN transceiver suppliers, component release engineers and vehicle system engineers.
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