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J2732 - Motor Vehicle Seat Dimensions

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Document Number: J2732
Project Initiation: 06-27-2014
Sponsor Name: Aisha Johnson
Motor Vehicle Seat Dimensions
This document provides dimension definitions that facilitate geometric quantification and evaluation of seats. This document has been designed for use in CAD, however, many dimensions require establishing HPM position and attitude. Refer to the appropriate document for these procedures. These dimensions are package independent in that they do not require use of the HPM-ll supplemental thigh/leg/shoe. Three types of seat geometry reference points and measurements have been developed. 1. Simple reference points and measurements not related to H-point 2. H-point dependent reference points and measurement that utilize the seat characterization capabilities of the HPM to quantify seat measurements 3. Cross sectional seat trim outlines For convenience and simplicity, many terms associated with H-point devices use human body parts in their name. However, they should not be construed as measures that indicate interaction with any or all occupants concerning accommodation, human capabilities, or comfort. H-point devices to not represent the size or posture of any category of occupant.
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