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J2836/4 - Use Cases for Diagnostic Communication for Plug-in Vehicles

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Document Number: J2836/4
Project Initiation: 01-29-2010
Sponsor Name: Richard A. Scholer
Use Cases for Diagnostic Communication for Plug-in Vehicles
This SAE Information Report J2836/4 establishes diagnostic use cases between plug-in electric vehicles and the EV Supply Equipment (EVSE). As Plug-In Vehicles (PEV) are deployed and include both Plug-In Hybrid Electric (PHEV) and Battery Electric (BEV) variations, failures of the charging session between the EVSE and PEV may include diagnostics particular to the vehicle variations. This document will describe the general information required for diagnostics and J2847/4 will include the detail messages to provide accurate information to the customer and/or service personnel to identify the source of the issue and assist in resolution. Existing vehicle diagnostics can also be added and included during this charging session regarding issues that have occurred or are imminent to the EVSE or PEV, to assist in resolution of these items.
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