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J2847/2 - Communication Between Plug-In Vehicles and Off-Board DC Chargers

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Document Number: J2847/2
Project Initiation: 05-13-2015
Sponsor Name: Richard A. Scholer
Communication Between Plug-In Vehicles and Off-Board DC Chargers
This SAE Recommended Practice SAE J2847-2 establishes requirements and specifications for communication between Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) and the DC Off-board charger. Where relevant, this document notes, but does not formally specify, interactions between the vehicle and vehicle operator.<p> This document applies to the off-board DC charger for conductive charging, which supplies DC current to the Rechargable Energy Storage System (RESS) of the electric vehicle through a SAE J1772™ coupler. Communications will be on the SAE J1772 Pilot line for PLC communication. The details of PowerLine Communications (PLC) are found in SAE J2931/4.<p> The specification supports DC energy transfer via Forward Power Flow (FPF) from source to vehicle.<p>
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