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J2885 - Fastener Specification - Vibration-Proof Bolt-Nut System

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Document Number: J2885
Project Initiation: 11-04-2008
Sponsor Name: Wayne K. Wilcox
Fastener Specification - Vibration-Proof Bolt-Nut System
1.1 Purpose This SAE Fastener Specification covers a vibration-proof bolt-nut fastening system in a number of sizes and materials for use in applications where loosening due to vibration cannot be tolerated. The standard provides the general and quality assurance requirements for the vibration-proof fasteners Part identifying numbers that are used to identify and order the fasteners are not included in this specification but will be covered in applicable part standards.. 1.2 Field of Application. This specification covers both corrosion resistant and non-corrosion resistant materials and is suitable for use in a wide range of applications where a vibration-proof fastener is required. While specifically developed for ship applications and the marine environment the numbers of materials covered makes the fasteners suitable for use in many aerospace and commercial applications. This specification will be applicable to both inch and metric dimensioned fasteners. 1.3 Classification. The configuration of the bolts will be in general conformance to the requirements for hex cap screws and heavy hex cap screws per ASME B18.2.1. The external dimensions of nuts shall be in general accordance with the requirements for hex nuts and heavy hex nuts per ASME B18.2.1. Materials will be in accordance with ASTM and SAE fastener standards.
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