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J2892 - Graphics - Based Service Information

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Document Number: J2892
Project Initiation: 06-11-2014
Sponsor Name: Arnold Taube
Graphics - Based Service Information
This document establishes standard graphical symbols and color conventions for use in either still (static) or animated graphics used for communicating service information. This document’s purpose is to communicate conventions for using those symbols and colors to accurately and consistently communicate intended information via graphics-based documentation. These practices are intended for use in service procedures, assembly instructions, training materials, and similar applications when trying to minimize the amount of human natural language text used within the document. The still and animated graphical conventions referenced should support effective communication via paper and “traditional” electronic media. The conventions can also extend to documenting via additional electronic delivery paradigms such as Augmented Reality (AR). <p> This document is intended for organizations interested in using graphics-based documentation to record and communicate assembly, adjustment, maintenance, and other service procedures. <p> NOTE: For usable versions of the graphical symbols included in this standard, visit the <a href=> J2892 Digital Annex, </a> where the same PDF shown here is offered in combination with Adobe Illustrator and Portable Nework Graphic versions of the symbols.
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