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J2931/3 - PLC Communication for Plug-in Electric Vehicles

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Document Number: J2931/3
Project Initiation: 11-17-2010
Sponsor Name: Richard A. Scholer
PLC Communication for Plug-in Electric Vehicles
This SAE Recommended Practice J2931/3 establishes the requirements for physical layer communications using Power Line Carrier (PLC) between Plug-In Vehicles (PEV) and the EVSE. This also enables the onward communications via an EVSE bridging device to the utility smart meter or Home Area Network (HAN). This is known as Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) and is Power Line Carrier (PLC) that can be transmitted using either the J1772™ Control Pilot circuit or the mains (AC or DC power circuits).
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