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J3040 - EV Crash Testing Safety Guidelines

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Document Number: J3040
Project Initiation: 03-27-2013
Sponsor Name: Douglas J. Stein
EV Crash Testing Safety Guidelines
The special risks associated with conducting crash tests on EV’s and HEV’s can be divided into two main categories, risk of electrocution, and risk of fire/explosion. Procedures to ensure protection from both types of risk must be integrated into the entire test process from the point the vehicle arrives at the test facility, up to the time it leaves. This information report is intended to provide information and guidance in this endeavor using current best practices at the time of this publication. As both battery technology and battery management system technology is in a phase of expansion, the contents of this report must then be gaged against current technology of the time, and updated periodically to retain its applicability and usefulness. The scope of this document is to provide an understanding the risks and an overview of the techniques established to reduce the likelihood that an event would cause harm to laboratory personnel and/or property. A laboratory considering EV crash testing should work closely with the EV manufacturer to identify and understand the risks associated with shipping and handling of the vehicle (pre and post-crash), storage of the vehicle (pre and post-crash), operation of the vehicle’s.
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