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J537 - Storage Batteries

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Document Number: J537
Project Initiation: 12-02-2011
Sponsor Name: Richard T. Johnson
Storage Batteries
This SAE Standard serves as a guide for testing procedures of automotive 12 V storage batteries and as a publication providing information on container holddown configuration and terminal geometry. The ratings submitted are to be based on procedures described in this document. The ratings submitted must be of a level that when any subsequent significant sample is tested in accordance with this document, that at least 90% of the batteries shall meet the ratings. The choice of 90% compliance recognizes that batteries consist of many plates and require chemical-electrical formation procedures and small variations in test conditions and procedures can affect the performance of individual batteries. Future Considerations - In order to expedite the release of this revision of the Standard, several topic areas were deferred for consideration in future revisions. These items include, but may not be limited to, the following: post dimension modifications, battery technology agnosticism, and a new, more application relevant charge acceptance test.
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