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ISO TC22 USTAG Road Vehicles

A complete list of the ISO documents for this committee can be found at the ISO web site
Document List
Document Title Date Status
IS3780:2009 Road vehicles -- World manufacturer identifier (WMI) code Dec 12, 2012 AVL
IS3779:2009 Road vehicles - Vehicle identification number (VIN) - Content and structure Dec 12, 2012 AVL
IS13043:2011 Road vehicles - Safety requirements for mobile air conditioning systems (MAC) Apr 20, 2011 NFS
IS8720:1991 Passenger cars--Specifications for mechanical jacks Dec 12, 2012 AVL
IS22628:2002 Road vehicles -- Recyclability and recoverability -- Calculation method Dec 12, 2012 AVL
IS4130:1978 Road vehicles -- Three-dimensional reference system and fiducial marks -- Definitions Dec 12, 2012 AVL
IS1176:1990 Road vehicles -- Masses -- Vocabulary and codes Dec 12, 2012 AVL
IS8357:1996 ISO TR 8357 Instructions for the implementation of the assignment of world manufacturer identifier (WMI) codes for vehicle identification number (VIN) systems and for world parts manufacturer ide Dec 12, 2012 AVL