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ISO TC22 USTAG Road Vehicles

A complete list of the ISO documents for this committee can be found at the ISO web site
Document List
Document Title
IS4100 Road vehicles -- World parts manufacturer identifier (WPMI) code
IS4030 Road Vehicles - Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Location and Attachment
IS3832 Passenger cars -- Luggage compartments -- Method of measuring reference volume
IS10599-2 Car radios -- Coaxial aerial connectors -- Part 2: Characteristic values, performance requirements and tests
IS2958 Road vehicles -- Exterior protection for passenger cars
IS5422 Road vehicles -- Anchorages for towing ropes, cables or bars
IS3795 Road vehicles, and tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry -- Determination of burning behaviour of interior materials
IS3208 Road vehicles -- Evaluation of protrusions inside passenger cars
IS15763 Road vehicles – Alarm systems for buses and commercial vehicles of maximum authorized total mass greater than 3,5 t
IS3833 Road vehicles -- Types -- Terms and definitions
IS2416 Passenger cars -- Mass distribution
IS11530 Road vehicles -- Hydraulic jacks -- Specifications
N3240 Committee internal ballot for appointment of new chairman to TC22 SC25 - PLEASE VOTE PROMPTLY
N3301 Test devices for target vehicles, vulnerable road users, and other objects, for assessment of active safety functions
N3320 2nd ISO CD 362-3 Measurement of noise emitted by accelerating road vehicles - Engineering method - Part 3
IS9367-1 Lashing and securing arrangements on road vehicles for sea transportation on Ro/Ro ships - Part 1: Commercial vehicles and combinations of vehicles, semi-trailers excluded
IS9158 Road vehicles - Nozzle spouts for unleaded gasoline
IS9159 Road vehicles - Nozzle spouts for leaded gasoline and diesel fuel
IS9367-2 Lashing and securing arrangements on road vehicles for sea transportation on Ro/Ro ships - Part 2: Semi-trailers
IS10486 Passenger cars - Car radio identification number (CRIN)
IS10599-1 Car radios - Coaxial aerial connectors - Part 1: Dimensions
IS4130 Road vehicles - Three-dimensional reference system and fiducial marks - Definitions
IS7656 Commercial road vehicles -- Dimensional codes
IS7736 Road vehicles - Car radio for front installation - Installation space including connections
IS10487-1 Passenger car radio connections - Part 1: Dimensions and general requirements
N3417 Information for 1st and 2nd responders - Part 3: Rescue and training manuals
N3418 Information for 1st and 2nd responders - Part 4: Drive line identification signs
N3416 Info for1st and 2nd responders - Part 2: Rescue sheet for busses, coaches and heavy commercial vehicles
N3422 NWIP on 17840-4 RMI for - L-category vehicle
N3482 Experimental method for transposition of dynamic forces generated by an active component from a test bench to a vehicle
IS1176 Road vehicles - Masses - Vocabulary and codes
IS612 Road vehicles -- Dimensions of motor vehicles and towed vehicles -- Terms and definitions
IS4131 Road vehicles -- Dimensional codes for passenger cars