2018 Annual Report

Learning and Outreach

Pre-professional Development

In short, 2018 was a transformational year for SAE Pre-Professional Development across the entire spectrum of its PreK-16 levels. Focusing on its core strengths, the program portfolio grew by substantial amounts, a factor that will be the key to SAE’s long-term success in the educational space. The root transition of the Pre-Professional staff culture allowed the team to realize unprecedented success and a year that far exceeded expectations. The highlights of our A World in Motion and Collegiate Design Series clearly reveal a groundbreaking year. The leadership of the Pre-Professional Development staff produced innovation at high levels. It was a year of strategic thinking, actions, solutions, and most importantly, results.

A World in Motion (AWIM)

AWIM student reach – through traditional and new programing – surpassed our student reach goal of 80,000 by 20,800. The 100,800 students represent an impressive 26 percent above goal. This includes a significant new global expansion plan, which places AWIM in 15 countries.

As part of its ongoing expansion efforts, Pre-Professional Development provided $175,000 to fund and launch the final stage of development of AWIM Programming Each Other. The goal of this program is to expand the AWIM Instructional Technology offerings by 50 percent.

Pre-Professional developed, field tested, and will soon launch the first-ever AWIM online PD modules to be delivered through a learning management system. The modules are designed to revolutionize the way SAE builds outreach programing in the STEM space. This design will allow SAE staff to cut travel costs incurred when online instruction and assessment is not possible. These new modules include:

  • Project-based Learning;
  • Engineering Design Experience;
  • JetToy; and
  • Gravity Cruiser.

This year, SAE will become the first organization providing STEM outreach though micro credentialing on the global level.

An internal cybersecurity effort to keep our networks secure launched SAE into a previously untapped educational market with AWIM: Cybersecurity – Keeping Our Networks Secure. The program is providing a platform for SAE to define this space nationally, but with global attention. In just six months, Pre-Professional released a new curriculum, distributed it through strategic channels, and received an invitation to present the program from the National Initiative for Cybersecurity. Through this program, SAE is defining cybersecurity education through a turn-key approach designed to build a foundation for all students in grades K-8. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence presented the AWIM program to a global audience in December at a conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Collegiate Design Series

More than 10,000 students participated in the Collegiate Design Series in 2018.

Collegiate Design Series revenue increased by more than 23 percent in 2018. Traditional Collegiate Design registration surpassed $1 million and sponsorship grew by $177,000 in 2018, adding to total sponsorships of more than $1.1 million.

The demand for SAE’s Collegiate Design Series has never been greater. Our eight design competitions – both Formula SAE, Formula SAE Electric, three Baja SAE and two SAE Aero - sold out in less than five minutes on registration day.

SAE formally acquired an event in Ontario, Canada, and began plans to launch SAE North in 2019, expanding the Formula series to three events.

SAE is influencing systemic change within the university educational system with its new SAE AutoDrive program. In its inaugural year, SAE AutoDrive launched in impressive fashion with 18 industry partners and eight universities, with teams consisting of more than 150 students per university. Through the active participation of our industry partners, SAE is leading the integration of academia and industry to define, develop, and sustain academic coursework that has immediate influence in the mobility workplace infrastructure. Not only did SAE’s partners significantly step up to support the educational model through mentorship and intellectual approach, but they also provided more than $400,000 of in-kind material support and more than $210,000 in sponsorships.

Customer interaction was redefined with the development and release of the Collegiate Design Series apps for Formula SAE and Baja SAE. This work is providing a direct solution to customer feedback through our significant NPS focus for overall SAE satisfaction.

Professional Development

Professional Development continued to serve learners with high-value training programs worldwide, delivering an estimated 390 public-enrollment, instructor-led classes and 305 on-site corporate training engagements. This accounted for an impressive 8,500 seats of instructor-led learning.

The Delegated Product Release Verification (DPRV) training was delivered:

  • To more than 2,600 learners
  • Across 40 countries;
  • In eight languages; and
  • By 30 total instructors.

Professional developed acquired the CALISO collection of ISO and AS on-demand courses. This acquisition, along with other new online courses, propelled e-Learning to a new level, both financially and in the numbers of learners served. Professional Development introduced three new web seminars, 10 on-demand courses, and 13 new partner courses, five in value engineering.

Professional Development gave members two free training courses. This was designed to help prepare young professionals for the workforce as well as those wishing to gain a better understanding of the mobility industry.

In all, Professional Development provided more than 2,300 seats of on-demand learning in 2018.

Strategically, Professional Development kept its curriculum fresh by introducing 29 new classroom courses, 11 of which were on autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, cybersecurity or additive manufacturing, with three courses specific to China.

In the Geometric Dimensioning &Tolerancing (GD&T) program, Professional Development updated the Advanced Concepts course, updated the Fundamentals of GD&T textbook, and retired the ETI brand. This included transitioning the GD&T portfolio into the SAE website.

Professional Development solidified its position with the AESQ Strategy Group by implementing a revenue sharing model for the DPRV training, redesigning the DPRV course manual, and developing four new courses that align with the latest AS13000 standards.

In researching the autonomous vehicle content area, Professional Development formulated eight curriculum streams that will ultimately total 60 courses. Professional Development also created a plan to build and deliver training and credentialing for aerospace coatings application specialists. This marks a new content area and audience for Professional Development.