March 17-19, 2020 │ Pasadena, California, USA

AeroTech Promotional Toolkit

Drive More Sales in 2020


Smart Tips for Exhibitors at AeroTech 2020

A booth at AeroTech helps you find new customers, build your brand and expand your sales. Make the most of your time by following a few simple recommendations that will increase booth traffic and generate more leads than ever.

 Top 10 Tips for Maximizing Your Impact

  1. Use a mix of social media messages to promote your booth at AeroTech 2020.
  2. Include an interactive element in your booth, such as a quiz, game or scheduled demonstration.
  3. Send knowledgeable, experienced staff to represent your company.
  4. Offer a prize drawing or contest to engage booth visitors.
  5. Have plenty of promotional literature on hand.
  6. Have a stock of promotional items to give away at your booth.
  7. Actively engage visitors to your booth.
  8. Get out from behind your booth, and get off your phone/computer.
  9. Make sure your booth is manned at all times.
  10. Follow up promptly after the show.

Utilize these assets to make promoting your presence at AeroTech easy


Banner ads for use on your website, email or other promotional items where a visual can be added.

Sample social media posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to guide your outreach.

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Banner Ad Suite

Sample Captions:

Preview our latest at Booth #[XXXX]!
[Event Info]

If you need less text for smaller sizes, use:
[Event Info]
Booth #[XXXX]


300 x 250

300 x 50

Social Media

Use these sample social media posts to help promote your presence at AeroTech 2020. Customize the messages with your company’s information, and personalize them with your own creative spin.




It’s confirmed! We’ll be at AeroTech in March 2020. See you in Pasadena! #AttendAeroTech #AeroTech20 @SAEInternational

Join aviation professionals from around the world at AeroTech 2020 in Southern California, an international hub for aerospace engineering and manufacturing. Booth [XXXX]. #AttendAeroTech #AeroTech20 @SAEInternational

We’re leaders in [technology/product/service] for good reason. See for yourself at AeroTech 2020, March 17–19, Booth [XXXX]. #AttendAeroTech #AeroTech20 @SAEInternational

Meet us at AeroTech 2020! We’ll be [showcasing/unveiling/demoing] our new [technology/product/service]. Don’t miss out! #AttendAeroTech #AeroTech20 @SAEInternational



  • The ideal post incorporates a visual along with text. Include a picture or a video of your product, technology or technique in your post to get maximum engagement.
  • To tag SAE International (@SAEInternational) in posts, you must like our page: And be sure to use the show hashtag: #AttendAeroTech #AeroTech20.



We’re unveiling the next generation of aviation at AeroTech 2020. See it for yourself at Booth [XXXX].
[#yourhashtag] [@yourcompanyid] #AttendAeroTech #AeroTech20 @SAEIntl

What’s next in aerospace? Find out at AeroTech 2020.
[#yourhashtag] [@yourcompanyid] #AttendAeroTech #AeroTech20 @SAEIntl

Visit us at AeroTech 2020, Booth [XXXX], to see our latest [technology/product/service].
[#yourhashtag] [@yourcompanyid] #AttendAeroTech #AeroTech20 @SAEIntl

Get a sneak peek at what’s coming to market soon. We’ll be unveiling new [technology/product/service] during AeroTech 2020. Stop by Booth [XXXX] for an exclusive look!
[#yourhashtag] [@yourcompanyid]  @SAEIntl



  • Aim to limit your tweets to 70–100 characters. Post new tweets regularly in the days and weeks leading up to the show. Increase frequency as the show gets nearer.



If you’re involved in any facet of modern aircraft development, then you need to be at AeroTech 2020. Visit Booth #[XXXX] to see our latest [technology/product/service]. 

Attending AeroTech 2020 in Pasadena in March? Stop by Booth #[XXXX] to see why we’re the best in [technology, product, technique]

Aerospace professionals from around the world will gather at AeroTech 2020 in Pasadena in March. Don’t miss out! Join us at Booth #[XXXX] to see our latest [technology, product, technique].

Calling all SAE members! You qualify for a discount on your AeroTech 2020 registration. Save now by registering today at, and visit our booth, #[XXXX], to discover what’s new.