Aviation Technology Forum

June 5-6, 2018 │ Shanghai, China

The SAE International Aviation Forum provides an open technical forum for engineers, scientists, and technicians working in aircraft design, aircraft systems, or as aviation authorities, aircraft design consultants and aircraft maintainers/sustainers. Attendees will get an overview of aircraft design processes from beginning to end, including propulsion, modeling and simulation, safety assessment, aircraft manufacturing, and the challenges of aircraft design and insights into the next generation of manufacturing.

This event will provide technical insights into the process of aircraft design and provides practical knowledge for implementation throughout the design lifecycle. Participants will get a look into how global manufacturers approach the design and support of leading-edge aircraft, and will gain real-world knowledge for managing the process from concept to production.

The event is organized by engineers and leaders of global manufacturers and component suppliers, including the leading airframe and engine manufacturers.

Conference Venue

Renaissance Shanghai PuDong Hotel
100 Changliu Road
Pudong, Shanghai 200134, China
Phone: + (86) 21 3871 48888