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June 12-13, 2019 │ Ypsilanti, MI, USA

Cybersecurity Content

BlackBerry’s CTO points to a holistic and standards-based future for vehicle cybersecurity

The days of automobiles as physical transportation devices is quickly shifting into an era of vehicles as rolling digital hubs. With multiple security aspects on the line – owner privacy, over-the-air update integrity, vehicle control hacks – BlackBerry may be uniquely positioned for the rapidly arriving age of automotive cybersecurity.

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Security expert: Hackers will target low-profile vehicle intrusions

Blatant security hacks on connected/autonomous vehicles aren’t the “big threat.” A security expert believes the top hacking targets will be hard-to-detect. One potential attack is obtaining information that’s not intended for public disclosure. And the potential source of that information: in-vehicle microphones.

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