Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Symposium

August 14-15, 2018 │ Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China

The 2018 Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Symposium will provide valuable insights into the development of technologies impacting intelligent and connected vehicles. By attending this event industry leaders, OEMs, R&D, engineering professionals, and academia will get the latest research and application information to apply to their own work. It also provides start-up companies, young professionals, and students the opportunity to present their research, new products, and their perspective on the technology.

Why Attend?

  • Get the latest innovations and technologies from various perspectives including OEMs, suppliers, governmental bodies, and academia.
  • Gain information from not only the developed applications or products but also the pre-study or conceptual products.
  • Network and interact with leading scientists and design engineers from the OEMs, academia, and supplier companies.
  • Gain a complete understanding of connected and intelligent vehicle including components, systems, and subsystems. It also covers the vehicle, infrastructure, internet of things, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, smart transportation, various innovative business models for transportation, and communication.
  • Submit your technical abstracts.