A Glimpse into Next Gen Automotive IT:

In-vehicle Networking and Communication Infrastructure

September 30, 2020

SAE is partnering with the Israeli company Spotam, to host a new series of quarterly meet-ups that convene local industry experts to discuss the latest automated and connected vehicle technology from the burgeoning mobility community in Israel but with implications worldwide.

Our third quarter meet up will convene on September 30 at 10 AM EDT, 5 PM IDT and 3 PM BST. We’ve moved our meetups online and its completely free for you to join. Join us from anywhere for the hour-long webcast with speakers from Valens and T-Systems.



5:00 p.m. IDT

Opening Remarks

5:10 p.m. IDT

In-vehicle Innovations – Enabling a Paradigm Shift in Connected and Automated Vehicles

5:40 p.m. IDT

Advancing Autonomous Cars: The Challenges of In-Vehicle Connectivity

6:10 p.m. IDT


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Valens Automotive delivers the world’s most advanced PHY technology to the automotive industry. Valens Automotive chipsets enable safe & resilient ultra-high-speed in-vehicle connectivity to support the needs of the connected and autonomous car, with unprecedented bandwidth over long-reach, low-cost infrastructure, while maintaining error free links and enhanced EMC performance.

Advancing Autonomous Cars: The Challenges of In-Vehicle Connectivity

As we look ahead, we see the many cameras, radars, sensors, displays and a range of devices in cars that will make autonomous driving a reality. The car must support all these devices in a safe, secure and reliable manner, and moving forward we must address the challenges related to the in-vehicle connectivity of these devices, such as the need for multi-gigabit bandwidth, safety & resilience of the data links, and long-distance connectivity.

During this session, Daniel Shwartzberg, Director of Technical Pre-Sales, Valens Semiconductor, will explore these challenges, and address how the MIPI® Alliance’s recently released A-PHY specification addresses them for an optimized solution for in-vehicle connectivity.

In-vehicle Innovations – Enabling a Paradigm Shift in Connected and Automated Vehicles

Next-generation IT and networking technologies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in modern and future vehicles. T-Systems’ Michael Frans takes us inside the connected car, describing the bumper-to-bumper, in-vehicle infrastructure and how it is evolving to support cutting-edge technologies, trends, and applications.

Frans will address connected car data management, in-vehicle applications, OTA updates and 5G, and bleeding-edge innovations, such as precise position for autonomous, quality of signal and remote control as-a-service.

Hotbed of Automotive Start-Ups

Connected and automated vehicle development is happening across the world, and one of the areas seeing the most advancement in Israel. Israel has built a development hotbed for automotive start-ups with 17 researchers per 1,000 employees in Israel. This is more than South Korea, Japan, the United States, or Germany. Four-and-a-half percent of the Israel GDP is invested in R&D which leads all countries aside from South Korea.  This has led to exponential growth in automotive development in the region, especially in the areas of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. This provides an opportunity to engage with a workforce on the leading edge of technology and innovation.

SAE is the premier organization to provide engagement between automotive companies in Israel along with the rest of the industry on a global scale. This forum will provide the opportunity for these companies to interact and ensure there is consensus on vehicle development strategies, as well as facilitate discussions with thought leaders across the industry.


SAE International Partners with Spotam


SAE is partnering with the Israeli company Spotam, to host the series of quarterly meet-up events in Tel Aviv, Israel, that convene local industry experts to discuss the latest automated and connected vehicle technology topics and trends impacting the region.  Join us throughout 2020 for these convenient short-form sessions that address cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and V2X communication. These events promote the accelerated advancement and development of next-generation vehicles, their supporting technologies, and infrastructure through collaboration and conversations among attendees.


Meet the Speakers

Daniel Shwartzberg

Director of Technical Pre-Sales, Valens Semiconductor

As Director of Technical Pre-Sales for Valens Automotive, Daniel is responsible for ensuring customer success at the technical level, working with partners and customers on proofs-of-concept, and leading technical pre-sales discussions. Given the increased need for higher speeds over longer distances for in-vehicle connectivity for a range of applications, Daniel focuses on how Valens’ safe & resilient high-speed in-vehicle connectivity technology is revolutionizing the market, while guaranteeing the most resilient PHY for error-free links with high EMC immunity. Valens provides scalable, high-speed connectivity over optimized and simplified architecture, designed for seamless sensor and SoC integration, without the need for bridge ICs, and leading to a reduction in system cost, size, complexity and power.  Valens’ technology has been recognized by the MIPI® Alliance as the most resilient technology for in-vehicle ultra-high-speed connectivity and is the basis for the recently released MIPI A-PHY standard for high-speed in-vehicle connectivity.

Previously, Daniel led the Valens’ technical marketing activities to define the requirements of the next generations of HDBaseT chipsets, both for the automotive and audiovisual markets. He also held a Product Manager position, where he was responsible for roadmap planning and implementation of the first and second generations of Valens HDBaseT integrated circuit devices. Daniel brings more than 20 years of experience, predominantly within the semiconductor industry.

Michael Frans

T-Systems North America

With more than 18 years of experience in the automotive industry with various brands combined with past experience in the financial services and insurance industry related to the Automotive Industry, my passion lies in building and growing businesses, coupled with the ability to build great relationships and industry knowledge. 

I am currently responsible for the growth, development and management of our automotive/manufacturing Industries and aerospace business for T-Systems International in the North American market. My focus is ensuring that the IT solutions we provide to our customers are industry relevant, deliver against the business needs of our customers and are globally best in class. As a technology partner to global automotive organizations, we tackle complex topics including the cloudification of their environments, the complexity of Connected Car backend and in-car solutions, the digital production and logistics environment, and the associated value chain.

I support two customer segments. In the OEM environment I have worked with Volkswagen Group, Daimler Group, BMW Group, Renault Nissan, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Airbus. My experience in the supplier industry includes customers such as Continental, Schaeffler Group, and Bosch.