Formula SAE Michigan

May 17-20, 2023 | Brooklyn, MI

Equipment Suppliers

Companies may become involved in Collegiate Competition Events at the competitor's level by registering as an Equipment Supplier. The following companies are supplying parts to competing teams for free, at cost or discounted from retail.

Please email Victoria Ewing for details and pricing of becoming an Equipment Supplier.


Items Available:

  • Ansys Academic Research Mechanical and CFD (25 tasks) 
  • Ansys Academic Research EM (5 tasks) 
  • Ansys Academic Research HF (5 tasks) 
  • Ansys GRANTA Research Selector (5 tasks) 
  • Ansys Academic Research HPC (per core) up to 32 cores 

Discount Offer: Free

Discount Amount: 100%

Additional Information: Software shall be used in the design and development of student team vehicle/planes in exchange for marketing and promotion of Ansys software via logo on the vehicle, inclusion on the team website and social media pages. Interested teams can apply by submitting this application form. Need additional details, please contact  

Explore Ansys Innovation Courses to get started with Ansys tools and the Learning Forum for technical support.  


DS Solidworks V2

Items Available: SolidWorks Suite of Programs, 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Products

Discount Offer: Free

Discount Amount: 100%

Additional Information:


Items Available: CAD/CAM software and support

Discount Offer: Free – 10 Education licenses of Mastercam 2023 and support.

Discount Amount: 100% 

Additional Information: With Mastercam, you have the tools you need to give your team a competitive edge in the design and manufacture of parts and assemblies. Mastercam is CAD/CAM software designed for innovation, streamlined precision, and efficiency in manufacturing. The software empowers engineers, designers, and NC programmers across a spectrum of industries, delivering manufacturing solutions for milling, turning, wire EDM, router programming, Swiss machining, plasma cutting, lasers, and 3D design and drafting.
Educational institutions choose Mastercam to prepare their students for exciting careers in manufacturing—with working knowledge and practical skills using the world’s #1 CAM software. And, with Mastercam’s prevalence in industry, students improve their chances of job placement by gaining experience with it through school programs and organizations like SAE International.

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