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Aerosol Measurements – Principles, Techniques and Application to Brake Emissions


The proper measurement and assessment of brake emissions is a challenge to traditional testing in many aspects.

The brake emissions analysis can involve over 100 data channels for a single brake. Compared to legacy brake tests, measurements range from distances in millimeters to measuring particles in nanometers. And from counting items in hundreds of degrees of temperature or braking events, to counting particles in millions, or tens of millions on a single particle size bin during a brake test.

Watch the webcast on-demand for help navigating through brake emissions data, its meaning, and for guidance to make better decisions for a vehicle, a system, or a component program. You’ll learn about:

  • Critical concepts related to particle mass, particle number, size distribution, and new particle formation process.
  • Measurement techniques and principles of particle mass, particle number, particle size distribution
  • The standard and acceptable metrics to report particulate matter behavior and characteristics

Moderated by:

Carlos Agudelo
Director of Technology Development
Link Engineering Co.


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Presented by:

Robert Anderson
Senior OEM Account Manager
TSI Inc.