On-Demand Technical Presentations: The WCX Digital Summit will feature over 175 pre-recorded presentations on the following topics that can be accessed until June 2021.

Advanced Propulsion / Powertrain

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Session organizers for the powertrain/propulsion engineer or engineering manager have compiled experts from ICE, hybrid and full electric vehicles, to discuss critical challenges, development and case studies on technologies involved in engine boosting, fuel economy, fuel injection, new engine development, motor and power electronics, battery as well as fuel cells.

Automotive Electronics / Connectivity / IOT / Smart City

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Explore and investigate the ever-growing world of automobile electronics that affect virtually every aspect of today’s vehicle. Topics include intelligent transportation systems, software, vehicle diagnostics, vehicle information and communication security, ADAS development and deployment, safety-critical systems and prognostics.

Body /Chassis / Occupant and Pedestrian Safety/ Structure

As we move from SAE levels 1-5 of automated vehicles, the criticality of occupant protection and safety cannot be underestimated. Organizers bring subject matter experts from OEMs, suppliers and consultants to present panels discussions on human factors, biomechanics, vehicle dynamics, accident reconstruction, ADAS, and critical seating issues.

Design and Manufacturing / Materials and Lightweighting

This track features live and prerecorded presentations covering topics such as vehicle design,  CAD/CAM/CAE, simulation, automotive interiors development, lightweighting, metallic and non-metallic materials development, 3D printing, smart factories, and robotics.

Emissions/Environment/Sustainability/Thermal Management

These sessions focus on areas of vehicle emission, environmental impacts and sustainability including thermal management, exhaust emissions, particulates, modeling as well as end-of-life, alternate energy and electrification strategies.