Leadership Summit

WCX 18 Leadership Summit: Critical Challenges Facing CTO and Technical Executives

WCX 18 Leadership Summit: Not Dead Yet – The Ever-Evolving ICE Powertrain

Tech Hub

WCX 18 Tech Hub: The Case for Hydrogen: On the Road to a Cleaner World

WCX 18 Tech Hub: How is NHTSA Research Preparing for the Era of Automated Driving?

Panels & Keynotes

WCX 18: Women Leading Disruptive Innovation

WCX 18: Bob Lutz – A Look at the Automotive Industry’s Future

Making bold predictions such as the end of the automotive era and the demise of automotive retailing, Lutz brings his insights on the future of mobility to WCX.


Connect2Car: Shared Mobility: 365 Days Later

Connect2Car: Connected Car to Connected World – The Road to Monetization