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Changes Coming to ARP4754B and ARP4761A

Posted: March 16, 2022

On Tuesday, March 15, SAE contributors joined in a panel discussion at AeroTech® moderated by Jonathan Archer, SAE International Manager of Aerospace Standards Business Development and Outreach, to discuss upcoming changes to ARP4754 and ARP4761, commonly referred to as the Twin Pillars of Aviation.

During the panel Andy Wallington, Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Mark Olson, Collins Aerospace, and Doug Sheridan, Textron Aviation, gave attendees a brief overview of the changes coming to the documents that emphasize safety and clarify some processes and previously existing discrepancies between the two standards.

The goal, Sheridan stated, is to firmly establish these documents as processes rather than reports on state of the industry.

“Overall, the safety process is essentially the same,” Sheridan said. “What the new 4761 A does is fill in some of those gaps and does a more complete assessment of the aircraft.”

Currently, the updates are in a state of review that will go to a ballot for committee vote before updates are published and disseminated. The ongoing work on the standards is welcome and needed.

“The ARP 4754 is what to do and 4761 is basically how to do the safety system process,” Wallington said. “I’d like to get 4754 out into their hands tomorrow if I could, because it’s needed.”

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