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Meet SAE International: Beth Ann Anderson Griggs, Technical Recruiting Manager


Beth Ann Anderson Griggs sees the power in people.

As a recruiter, Anderson Griggs has to consider the potential in everyone she meets. When she came to SAE, it was important for her to feel she could bring value to the organization, and since January 2022, she’s been doing just that.

“Part of my quest was to come in and take a look at the recruiting as it stood and work on creating a more effective way of going about recruitment efforts,” she said.

That process includes identifying new talent pipelines to draw from a diverse talent pool and uncovering more efficient ways to match the right people with the right positions. Though this change is welcome, it hasn’t been easy.

“Stepping away from the old and work towards trying to implement the new as things change it can be a little different for everyone. When people have been in positions for a certain length of time, there can be that little apprehensive stance of, ‘what’s wrong with the way we were doing it?’ And I like to offer, ‘we could probably save a lot of time, energy and effort,’” Anderson Griggs said. “So, with answering that, I think there’s been some twists and turns, but there’s been a lot of positive in terms of learning and the end result we’re trying to work toward, which is change to make something better.”

Considering who to bring into the organization requires a holistic approach that goes beyond one aspect of a person, and Anderson Griggs prefers to focus on the experiences that make up a candidate’s background. This intersectional approach involves many facets of identity, and it’s one that’s been noticed inside the organization.

Teams with wide-spread representation are the ones that tend to succeed, in Anderson Griggs’ experience. As such, she’s found ways to get involved inside the organization to promote diversity and inclusion, serving as a member of the Fullsight DEI Council.

“From a recruitment standpoint, I always feel like if we’re all the same, then we’re all bringing the same ideas to the table,” she said. “But if we are each bringing pieces of our own individual backgrounds and experiences and pulling it into the organization, that, to me, can’t be anything but wonderful.”

As the organization continues to stretch and grow, Anderson Griggs acknowledged there will be challenges ahead, but education pan-organizationally is a crucial component to SAE’s future success. She looks forward to being a part of that education and continuing to bring her unique knowledge and skills to improve the workplace.