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New SAE CS-STEM Program Teaches Young Learners Online Safety

Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Nearly 93% of people in households with school-age children engaged in some form of “distance learning” from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This unexpected and rapid shift to online learning only underscores the critical need to teach young learners about online etiquette and digital citizenship.

With Navigating the Digital Universe, the latest STEM curriculum from our nationally recognized A World In Motion® PreK-8 STEM program, elementary students learn how to interact and engage with technology and the digital world in a positive, responsible way. This new interactive, character-driven curriculum creates an emotional connection between young learners and content—providing compelling learning opportunities and dramatically improving knowledge retention.

Allison Hostetler, Pre-Professional Program Director, said: “Preparing students for a new digital world is imperative. They need to learn how to engage with technology in a way that empowers them to make positive, responsible decisions. Transforming students to responsible digital citizens is the best way to develop a generation of safe, smart, and empathetic online users."  

Aligned with national education standards, Navigating the Digital Universe can be delivered one-on-one, in small groups, or to an entire classroom either in person or virtually. To aid in the delivery of each lesson, educators have access to a comprehensive curriculum manual and supporting materials--all provided via a user-friendly online portal. Students can also follow along with each lesson in their AWIM notebook and explore digital citizenship concepts through five interactive eLearning “Digital Explorations.”

By framing each lesson with relatable scenarios, Navigating the Digital Universe equips young learners with real-life tools they need to be responsible digital citizens─-how to be kind, how to protect their private life, and how to create a healthy balance between their online and offline worlds—practical lessons that will last a lifetime.

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