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A Preview of the 2024 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium-Europe with Ian Short

Posted: January 4, 2023

SAE International’s On-Board Diagnostics Symposium-Europe (OBD-EU) serves as the industry’s highly trusted event providing regulatory and standards updates geared towards meeting European Commission and the California Air Resources Board ground vehicle emissions regulations.

Ian Short, Lead Engineer, OBD Calibration at Ricardo plc, shared his insights and excitement about 2024 OBD-EU, happening March 12-14 in Amsterdam.

As an OBD-EU participant for the past six years, Ian knows the wealth of knowledge and experience this event provides for those in attendance.

“The SAE OBD symposium in Europe and America are opportunities to learn more about the legislation and technological advancements in that area that will affect our work in the future,” Ian said. “It supports us to stay informed and up to date with the latest industry news and issues.”

One of the key challenges OBD engineers have faced over the last year is preparing for new legislative requirements that are not yet finalized and how these proposed changes are affecting the various OBD markets, Ian shared. OBD-EU supports collaboration across industry as engineers address this new legislation.

“OBD-EU is unique because it brings together legislators, companies, and individuals working with diagnostics in various sectors to share ideas and discuss the challenges ahead,” Ian said.

Discussions at OBD-EU cover the most current and changing emission rules and regulations, industry drivers, legislative policies, and standards, as well as emerging technologies as they relate to on-board monitoring and calibration systems.

With the 2024 event drawing near, Ian is excited to attend for another year.

“There is always something to learn and takeaway from OBD-EU, including the formal presentations, round table discussions and the networking opportunities,” Ian said. “I am excited that a varied program will provide lots of good discussions and opportunities to engage.”

Join Ian and other OBD professionals from around the globe in Amsterdam, Netherlands for the 2024 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium-Europe happening March 12-14. Register today!