Vehicle Dynamics Certificate Program

This five-course package is designed to equip engineers with key vehicle dynamics and handling theory and application from a systems perspective. The objective is for engineers to understand the interaction and performance balance between the major vehicle subsystems including powertrain, brakes, steering, suspensions, and wheel/tires. The program design requires completion of both fundamental and advanced-level vehicle dynamics theory and application courses followed by three elective courses that best suit an individual's interest areas or engineering emphasis.

By completing the certificate, engineers can heighten their expertise within the vehicle dynamics arena and, at the same time, earn an SAE credential recognizing them for having done so. Upon completing each individual course, an SAE Certificate of Achievement is awarded, issuing the designated number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). After taking all five courses, a comprehensive certificate is awarded, recognizing completion of the entire certificate program.

The courses do not have to be taken in any specified order, although the Required Courses are good starting points if they can be scheduled and completed prior to the electives. The entire program must be completed within five years.

Required Courses (Two courses required)

Electives (Select three courses)

Additional elective courses
Courses no longer offered by SAE but eligible to be used as electives for this program, providing they were completed within five years of the date the Certificate is requested, include:

  • 95025 Chassis & Suspension Component Design for Passenger Cars & Light Trucks (3 days)
  • Applied Heavy Duty Truck Dynamics* (4 days)
  • C0233 Commercial Vehicle Braking Systems* (3 days)
  • C1620 Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics (3 days)
  • Fundamentals of Heavy Truck Dynamics* (3 days)
  • Heavy Vehicle Ride Comfort Engineering (1 day)
  • High-Performance Brake Systems (2 days)
  • Introduction to Brake Control Systems: ABS, TCS, and ESC e-Seminar (9.5 hours)
  • PD130611ON Commercial Vehicle Braking Systems e-Seminar (18 hours)
  • Vehicle Dynamic Basics for Off-highway Trucks (1 day)
  • Vehicle Dynamics for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks e-Seminar (15 hours)
  • Hydraulic Brake Systems for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks (3 days)

Many of the courses included in the Vehicle Dynamics Certificate Program have been approved by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Courses marked with an "*" in the Required and Elective Course lists are eligible for ACTAR CEUs. For more information on how many ACTAR CEUs can be earned for each course as well as how to request them, please refer to the individual course descriptions.

Successful completion of a learning assessment is required for each course to gain the CEUs for the course.

To enroll in the Certificate Program
There is no formal application process. You may simply begin taking courses at your convenience. You may self-monitor your transcript as you progress through the program by visiting and clicking My Transcript (requires log in).

To request overall Certificate Program framed certificate
When all courses are completed, please notify SAE Customer Service, 877-606-7323 or Once your transcript is audited and completion of courses verified, your certificate will be issued.