Battery Fundamentals Courses

The smartest way to jumpstart your battery fundamental knowledge - with courses covering different battery technologies, battery performance, and benefits and challenges of battery storage systems. 

To be prepared for any challenge, your skills need a full charge.

Our courses will teach you how to assess battery performance, proper battery functions, and benefits and challenges of BMS to utilize in research & application 

Battery Fundamentals Courses




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Materials to Electrodes

This course discusses the operational principles of a rechargeable battery, with a focus on lithium-ion batteries.

4.5 Hours

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Power Convertors and Efficiency in Battery Applications

The course covers the basic principles of power conversion and the various types of power converters.

7.5 Hours

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Electrodes to Cells

This course covers advanced battery labs and each step of the cell design process.

4.5 Hours

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Intro to Solid-state Batteries

This course gives a high-level overview of the switch to solid electrolytes in the battery industry and provides insight into the impact this will have on the industry.

3 Hours

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Battery Storage Basics

This course empowers you with the basic knowledge and insights to build your understanding of the importance and working principles of battery technologies.

14 Hours

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Battery Testing

This course dives into the importance of battery testing and different methods of battery testing that allow battery cells and systems to be evaluated properly after manufacturing.

5 Hours

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Battery Storage Applications

This course focuses on battery storage applications that will contribute to achieving in practice a low-emission, sustainable future.

16 Hours

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Battery Storage Value Chain

This course teaches the full battery value chain, production processes, and end-of-life scenarios.

15 Hours

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Fundamentals on Batteries

This course will provide the fundamental knowledge and state-of-the-art insights into battery technologies.

20 Hours

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