SAE International Goes “Micro” to Expand View of Mobility

At SAE International, our charge is to embrace opportunities and tackle challenges presented by the evolving mobility landscape. As new players emerge in the mobility space that promote free and easy movement, we’ve expanded our view of mobility to include micromobility.

Leveraging recent strides in vehicle and communication technologies, micromobility aligns with SAE’s commitment to advancing mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity. SAE is a neutral party that convenes mobility communities to foster innovation in support of the safe and sustainable deployment of mobility solutions.

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New Webinar: Standards in the World of New Mobility

Co-hosted by:

SAE and ITSA MOD Alliance

Leaders discuss Mobility on Demand (MOD) vehicles and mobility data and how ongoing SAE efforts help to shape implementation.


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SAE J3194™ Standard

SAE published the J3194™ Standard that provides a criteria for “powered micromobility vehicles” and a classification system that defines six types of powered micromobility vehicles by physical attributes.

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Trend or Fad? Deciphering the Enablers of Micromobility in the U.S.

Annie Chang, along with a team of co-authors, present an analysis of the state of micromobility and speculation of its near-term future.

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Mobility Data Collaborative

Best Practices on Mobility Data Sharing

The Collaborative publishes Data Sharing Glossary and Metrics for Shared Micromobility and Guidelines for Mobility Data Sharing Governance and Contracting.

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To learn more about SAE International’s micromobility portfolio, contact:

Pooja Chaudhari
Head of New Mobility