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Axial piston pump

Bosch Rexroth plans to introduce a new size 28 model A1VO axial piston pump later this year that it says is an energy-efficient alternative for fixed displacement pumps. The 28 model will not be displayed at ConExpo, but the company’s 18- and 35-cm3 models will be shown. Developed specifically for price-sensitive applications and markets, the new A1VO requires no compromises regarding efficiency and power density, the company claims. The cost-optimized design is compact and features high energy-efficiency despite the constant drive speed. The pressure is controlled without bypass losses, so that cooling capacity is greatly reduced or is not needed at all. The A1VO pump is rated at a working pressure of 3600 psi (248 bar) and a peak pressure of up to 4500 psi (310 bar).

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