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Vehicle data can be opened in the included "Cosworth Toolbox" software. It overlays recorded laps on a satellite map of the track and compares selected laps in detail for any requested point on the drive.

Chevy to offer 'performance' data recorder for MY2015 Corvette

Chevrolet is claiming an industry first with its "performance data recorder" (PDR) for the MY2015 Corvette Stingray, touting it as the first of such capability to be integrated into a vehicle. Developed with Cosworth and geared toward the weekend racer, the PDR goes well beyond the capabilities of typical vehicle-integrated data recorders by, among other things, capturing high-definition video of the road ahead using a camera embedded into the windshield header trim. Also captured is audio using a dedicated cabin microphone. A key part of the system is a telemetry recorder that uses a dedicated GPS receiver operating at 5 Hz—five times faster, says Chevy, than the car's in-dash navigation system. The recorder is hard-wired into the Stingray's CAN to access vehicle information such as speed and braking force. Information is stored on a removable SD card of whatever capacity the driver chooses. The driver can also choose how much information to record. The video of the drive, overlayed with telemetry data, can be viewed on the in-dash touchscreen when the car is parked, or on a computer later. For users who want a more in-depth understanding of their driving performance, the PDR vehicle data can be opened in the included “Cosworth Toolbox” software, which combines Cosworth’s professional-level motorsport data analysis with an easy-to-use graphic interface. The software overlays recorded laps on a Bing-enabled satellite map of the track, and compares selected laps in detail for any requested point on the drive. Comparisons include corner traces, vehicle speed, and cornering force to help drivers improve their driving consistency and ultimately their lap times.

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