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Steer radial tire

Bridgestone Commercial Solutions has launched the Bridgestone R244 all-position steer radial tire. The new tire meets the demands of dump trucks and concrete mixer truck fleets that spend a higher percentage of their miles in on-highway use. Designed with a wide base ribbed steer pattern, the tire performs well both on- and off-highway without sacrificing the traction needed on rougher roads, the tire maker claims. The tire was designed for customers, such as those in the Southwestern U.S., who are interested in a tire that offers longer wear, a smoother on-highway ride, and that performs well on sandy sites. Sidewall protector ribs protect the casing from curbing damage, cuts, and abrasions; if one side wears away, the tire can be flipped over for continued protection. The Bridgestone R244 comes in three sizes in the U.S. and Canada. The 425/65R22.5 is available now. The 385/65R22.5 and 445/65R22.5 will be available later this year.

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